Shellry Langford Memorial Scholarship



This scholarship in memory of his mother Shellry Langford, who passed away suddenly in 2023. She was a very creative individual in her own right and one of my first art teachers. Showing the arts early in my life guided me towards running my own creative business and to help and inspire other aspiring creators.

This scholarship was set up and is funded by me and my brother Dominique Craigmiles. We honor her legacy by bestowing four students a $250 annual arts scholarship; having the passion, energy, and creativity to pursue the arts in higher education.

Must be a senior in high school with the plans to pursue the creative arts in college.
Submit 2-3 pieces of your personal work (must be jpgs) or a 3 min. video snippet of a performance.
Type a one page document or 2 min. video on how the arts has impacted your life.

Fill out the form here to submit your information and samples of your work.
Deadline is April 30th to submit your information.
Winners will be selected on May 30th.