developing brands.
building worlds.
cultivating stories.

Langfordesign, founded by Quantal Langford, specializes in brand development and intellectual property creation for a diverse field that includes sports, small-to-medium businesses, schools, and publishing companies.

Langfordesign also produces and hosts a weekly show called The Creative Brew, clothing brand Just Heart Apparel, and is currently working on his creator-owned sci-fi graphic novel series called Seed, and other creations all under the Langford Studio umbrella.

Being an advocate for the arts, hunger and homelessness I continually give back to organizations that I'm passionate about to help others that may not have access to art, to food or to showers and resources to help their lives.

Recent Interview with Shoutout Socal

Shoutout Socal recently did an interview about me and Langfordesign.

article with win magazine

Check out this recent blog I wrote for Win Magazine talking about some of the core concepts of your brand. In this article I used different concepts pertaining to wrestling to reflect the elements needed in building a dynamic brand. Read the article here


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Character IP Creation
Design Consulting + Ideation
Apparel and Merchandise design
Design and Production for Publishing
Concept Work
Art/Design Licensing
Workshops & Speaking
Podcast Branding and Consultation