Character + Design Licensing

Niche Coffee Cups

We have started bringing out some new coffee cup designs featuring our character Mush Mush. A mischievous, yet oddly lovable marshmallow, that started out as a story around a campfire. Available on our online shop, we offer evergreen as well as seasonal coffee cup designs for art & coffee lovers. Make these adorable cups available at your local art niche shop or coffeeshop. Inquire today.

Looking for a unique character or mascot to be your brand avatar for your company or licensing initiative?

Our umbrella brand the Langford Studio can help develop a character IP (intellectual property), or design assets for your brand or product. Think of mascots like Geico and Car Fax. Developing unique characters that your audience can connect with. Evergreen digital assets that can be the face of your business. 

We're also developing our own original IPs for development: Like aspirational tween brand character Naya Neptune, our brash creative, marshmallow Mush Mush, or the characters from our Seed multiverse-cultivating ideas from scratch and finding ways of extending your brand.

Design Licensing

The Langford Studio has created various properties that is available for licensing opportunities. Our "Create what you Love" slogan design has been a moniker for many speaking engagements and podcast interviews. We created a unique design that could applied to a variety of clothes and merchandise. Geared towards the creatives and artists; this could be marketed towards larger audiences.

Create what you Love merchandise is available at Studio Ace Art Shop, in Oceanside, Ca. or on our Just Heart Apparel online shop.

seed: Verse 1: song of the resonant

With the Langford Studio, the goal is create and communicate stories with intriguing characters that relate to a diverse audience. Our sci-fi book series Seed is one of them. 8 individuals interconnected to a mysterious object that appears over the planet. They find themselves embroiled in a secret multidimensional war over the fat of humanity. The secrets of Earth's hidden history will be revealed and things will never be the same again.

Part Dune. Part Blade Runner. Part Matrix-this is Seed.

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