Find your avatar

find-your-avatarSounds like some spiritual trek to find your inner self doesn’t it? Ha well yes and no, In branding terms I’m simply referring to your target, ideal customer or consumer. Take a moment to write down on a piece of paper who do you want this avatar to be? What’s the demographic, income level, religious or political stance, are they single or have a family?

All these play into factor how your brand identity and vision needs to be formed, because that’s who you want to align with. When you are catering to your ideal avatar or “A” client, the less you have to deal with customers who i would consider “time burners” or your “C” client.

Look back to your marketing campaign, who are you really targeting? Your “A”  and “B” customers or your “C” customers?

In regards to your branding, creating a consistent identity from printed material to digital content will help solidify trust and value to your customers.

I recently had a client that called me on the phone and told me how excited he was to seal the deal on a client based on his new brochures that I helped him develop. Creating a smart brand identity for the right avatar adds up to positive results for your business, team or organization.

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