Congrats you have your new logo…now what?

Human Hands Holding Green Plant Over Nature BackgroundAfter initial meetings, hours upon hours of revisions and tweaks, you finally have the logo that best exemplifies your business and brand. Now what? Some think that if they place their logo on a website or Facebook business page, the loyal customers will come. I only wished that was true!

Much like a farmer, you have to plant and cultivate those initial seeds, with your branding and marketing before you can reap the rewards.

Here’s a few ideas on marketing your brand after you have your logo in place.

1. Plant your seeds (translated have a professionally designed business card in hand)

I’ll put these two together as one idea, just because I think they go hand in hand. Even if you are still building your business and getting marketing materials ( brochures, flyers, capabilities packets, etc. ) in the process of being printed, Getting a professional branded business card, with your logo and colors, is key to setting the right impression with a prospective customer.

Today, there is many low-cost avenues to getting great business cards printed up. The next step is going out and tell everyone about who you are and what you do. Find ways of networking with groups of people and connect and build relationships. I’ve recently went to some networking meetings and everyone has asked if I have a business card. It helps people to remember you and plant those seeds for future potential customers.

2. Feed your seeds (translated as create valuable content for your target audience)

Content is king today. Creating content that provides value to your audience is a great way to find prospective leads for your business. Create a quick ebook branded with your logo, or creating a series of videos with your logo and website placed at the end of each video, or creating a podcast to build content for listeners. All of these can create your main tribe.

3. Get your own patch of land (translated as get your website launched)

With the use of mobile technology. It’s imperative to have a website optimized for digital devices. More and more customers, depending on your industry, are shopping online. So having your products or services available online is key to attracting your target audience. The reason why I also say that you must get a website and not a Facebook business page is simply put; your Facebook business page isn’t really yours. Even though you are creating content and interacting from there, you are pretty much renting someone else’s property.

If Facebook closed your business page down today, do you have anywhere else to drive your traffic? Depending on your budget, getting a website up online is fairly easy and inexpensive depending on the route you go. Weebly and Squarespace are the easier and free platforms to launch your website. If you are looking for professionally built site, many now are going to web design companies that’s building sites based from WordPress development. Whatever your option, having a professional website branded with your logo and colors and content is key to growing your audience.

Implementing these ideas will grow your brand, but like any seed, it must be nurtured and feed to create that new client or customer for your brand. But if done correctly, will create a tribe of customers that align with you and your brand.

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