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New logo redesign just before the holidays

Langfordesign had the opportunity of redesigning the logo for a logo embroidery and gift shoppe. There were specific elements We wanted to keep (like the raspberry icon, pink and black color theme and the curly style to the lettering.) The finished product is something that’s brighter, bolder yet still stays true to the original branding. […]

Find your avatar

Sounds like some spiritual trek to find your inner self doesn’t it? Ha well yes and no, In branding terms I’m simply referring to your target, ideal customer or consumer. Take a moment to write down on a piece of paper who do you want this avatar to be? What’s the demographic, income level, religious […]

strategic partnerships with your brand

Building strategic partnerships to grow your brand

Today we are talking partnerships. I describe this as anything that aligns with your brand to create synergistic work for a core audience. Recently i’ve found myself really aligning with brands, companies or organizations that resonate with your brand culture and services. Many times i find myself reaching out to potential companies or brands that […]